This website includes Champaign County’s community indicators: 32┬áindicators in eight categories, covering a range of topics from Engagement to Accessibility. You’ll find each indicator under its Category page, with details on what it measures, why we’re measuring it, what we can learn from it, and where we got the data.

Also included is the Regional Dashboard. The Regional Dashboard is a resource for data beyond the indicators, and it covers ground formerly covered by the Champaign County Statistical Abstract reports. The indicators measure goals and trends, while the Regional Dashboard is purely descriptive, providing context on Champaign County, its municipalities, and its townships.

The Information Clearinghouse is our bibliography: it provides links to many resources on many different topics. If you didn’t find what you were looking for on this site, or if you need additional details or context, the Information Clearinghouse should be your next step, and can point you in the direction of another source for the data you need.

Our Archive is where you can find information about Champaign County’s original set of indicators, developed during the Big. Small. All. and Our Future. Here. process, in 2006-2007. Documents associated with those projects are also in the Archive.

Finally, the blog is where we’ll post about everything that doesn’t fit elsewhere on the site, like data points that don’t work as indicators but don’t fit into the Dashboard, data literacy topics, and website updates.

We want this website to be engaging, interesting, and useful: if you have questions, comments, or suggestions, let us know!

So welcome, and happy reading!