Low Birth-Weight Rate

What is the indicator?

The low birth weight rate measures the percentage of live births with weights below 2500 grams.


What does the data say? Are there any notable trends?


Low Birth-Weight Infant Rate

 Champaign County Illinois 
RateMargin of ErrorRateMargin of Error


The low birth weight rate in Champaign County has been slightly above 8% since 2011, the earliest year available in the dataset. This is close to the statewide rate, which has been consistently 8.4% for the entire measured time period. The lowest county low birth weight rate in the state is 5% (Bureau County), while the highest county low birth weight rate in the state is 11% (Mason, Alexander, and Pulaski Counties).


Why is this important?/Why did we include it in our set of indicators?

A low birth weight can affect health outcomes later in life, and is an illustrative indicator for the overall health of the measured population.


Where did we get the data, and how often is it released?

This data was sourced from the University of Wisconsin’s Population Health Institute’s and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s County Health Rankings & Roadmaps.


Source: University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute. County Health Rankings & Roadmaps 2017.