High School Graduation Rate

What is the indicator?

This indicator includes the high school graduation rates by district for the following districts with high schools within Champaign County: Champaign Community Unit School District #4, Fisher Community Unit School District #1, Mahomet-Seymour Community Unit School District #3, Rantoul Township High School District #193, St. Joseph-Ogden Community High School District #305, Tolono Community Unit School District #7, and Urbana School District #116.


What does the data say? Are there any notable trends?


High School Graduation Rates

 Champaign CUSD 4Fisher CUSD 1Mahomet-Seymour CUSD 3Rantoul Township HSD 193St. Joseph Ogden CHSG 305Tolono CUSD 7Urbana SD 116Average: Champaign County Schools


The graduation rates of the different districts fluctuate independently of each other; there is no trend, individually or among all the districts, that is prevalent enough to draw any conclusions from.


Why is this important?/Why did we include it in our set of indicators?

High school graduation rates are an apt measure of pre-college academic achievement in the county, and provide context for the other indicators in the education category.


Where did we get the data, and how often is it released?

This data, along with a variety of other school district data, is available on the Illinois Report Card (https://illinoisreportcard.com/), an Illinois State Board of Education and Northern Illinois University website.


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