Impacts of University Populations on Communities’ Median Age, Median Income, and Poverty Rate

It’s now September, and in Champaign-Urbana and other cities and towns with major universities, that means the population has risen with the start of the fall semester. But how does the university population affect Champaign-Urbana’s overall statistical outlook? And how are college students counted for U.S. Census Bureau programs? To answer the second question first, […]

Data Literacy: Margins of Error

The site has been up for a while now, and if you’ve done any browsing on the different data pages, you may have noticed that a lot of the tables have columns titled “MOE” – “Margin of error.” So in our first data literacy post, we’d like to go over what an MOE is; when […]

What Makes an Indicator?: Our Criteria

This website hosts an updated set of community indicators to describe Champaign County, track and analyze trend data, and engage community members. The categories and indicators on this site are based on the visioning process and goals laid out in Our Future. Here., and we’d like to take this opportunity to present the criteria we […]

Introducing the Changes

As you can see, we’re changing a lot. As of this summer, we’re rolling out a new set of indicators based on the 2007 Our Future. Here. process. While maintaining the vision of the original set, we believe the new set is more detailed, more focused, and more quantifiable. Some are available to view on […]